Do You Fish For Flathead Catfish In Shallow Water Or Deep Water?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Do You Fish For Flathead Catfish In Shallow Water Or Deep Water? :
Where do you typically catch them?  I have fished for them mostly in deeper water but I'm wondering if fishing in other shallow water areas might be the better option.

Anonymous Says:
I think it depends what you mean by "Deeper Water"?  Some people think 5 feet is deep, others think 25 feet is deep. I fish for channel catfish in shallow water about 3 feet deep, but that doesn't mean you cant catch them in 10 feet of water.  I've also caught some large catfish in less then 2 feet of water. I think it just depends where the bait is at or bait fish etc.

Anonymous Says:
By the way as far as flathead I know others fishing who catch them in shallow water often.  I dont think one lake, pond or river will equal another, I would recommend experimenting to find out what is best in your fishing scenario.

Anonymous Says:
I know people that caught flathead cats all the time using dead baitfish and dropping it down by a dam.  That was probably 12 or 14 feet of water there and really turbulent water, so they used a really heavy weight.  I dont care for that type of fishing but I guess if you want to get a 20 or 30 pound flathead that was what they were doing.

Anonymous Says:
for me I think that answer is none of the above because I always think I'm going to catch one and for some reason I never do :^)

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