Best Way To Catch Catfish From Shore?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Best Way To Catch Catfish From Shore? :
I do alot of shore fishing, mostly in areas where I know there are alot of channel catfish and even some flathead catfish get caught occasionally.  However I dont seem to have much luck shore fishing as others have a boat.  Is there a better way to catch catfish from shore as I've tried many different baits and I catch some, but others catch many more it seems.

Anonymous Says:
I would recommend night fishing.  Catfish come into the shore closer, use baits like cut up fish or minnows or chicken liver.  Fish along the shore lines, I think you will have alot of success if you are in the right area.  

I heard many use hot dog pieces also for catfishing (dont buy the fat free ones though, catfish aren't that healthy eaters).

Anonymous Says:
Those catching catfish from a boat may be out in deeper water during daytime, I'm guessing thats where the flathead catfish are being caught but I wouldnt be surprised to see you catch some of those along the shoreline at night.

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