Eating Bullheads - Your Thoughts?

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  Posted by Guest - Eating Bullheads - Your Thoughts? :
What is everyone's thoughts on eating bullheads?  I catch them often when catfishing and some of the bullheads are a pound, they are quite big and wide and I heard from some people they eat them but I've never tried them.

Also do you think it makes a different if its yellow bullhead, brown bullhead, or black bullheads?  I'm not actually sure what the ones are I catch but I like channel catfish and really dont know much about bullheads even though I catch them!

Guest Says:

My opinion is bullheads are great. I used to eat them all the time out of the river, and although some people say they dont like the taste, there are also people that say they dont like the taste of catfish and I love catfish.

I couldn't tell you how many bullheads I've eaten, but they are a darker meat and I like them alot.  I usually just skin them, cut the head off, and gut them, and fry them in a pan just like that, the meat flakes right off the bone.  They are like catfish, not bony at all!

Guest Says:
By the way I'm pretty jealous that you said you are catching 1 pound bullheads, mine were never regularly that size you got a nice fishing hole!

Guest Says:
Throw some butter in the pan to grease it, gut skin and fry the bullheads as stated above. You will love them, I would eat them now if I had some :-)

R.R. Says:
I think the location matters also, because I often hear people say catfish dont taste good and I've never had a problem eating catfish. I have read that some put bullheads in a cooler full of water when they get home, and over the next day the bullheads get rid of the muddy flavor, but like I said I think it matters where you catch them because in the river where I always caught bullhead, they always tasted great to me.

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