Mac - Which Memory Slot Is Bank 0 Or Bank 1?

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  Posted by Anonymous - Mac - Which Memory Slot Is Bank 0 Or Bank 1? :
I put new memory in my mac mini and it should show 8 gig RAM but instead only shows 4 gig RAM and also shows one of the slots empty. Is there a way I can tell which memory slot is which? The memory chips are on top of each other, is bank 0  closest in or is bank 0 the closest one to me?  

Jim Says:

I actually determined this by removing one and rebooting the Mac to see w hich one showed.

Bank 0: Closes to motherboard
Bank 1: Closest to you when open and viewing it

This also makes it easy to diagnose which is which, just take one of the memory chips out and plug it back in and reboot, look at it again and it will show you which slot is empty.  Thats also a good way to tell if one is bad or not, just put one in at a time as the Mac will still run fin with just one memory chip in it.

Anonymous Says:

On mine it only showed 4 gig avaiable because one of the memory chips wasnt pushed in tight enough.

Anonymous Says:
Make sure the memory kind of "snap in" place.  I was afraid to push to hard on the memory thinking I might break something but there should be kind of a snap or click when the memory clips in.  I noticed that on mine as I kept messing with it.  

The other poster above is right, be sure to check your mac settings when done so it shows the memory registering. If you dont see enough memory showing, go back in and pull it then push it back in again because you dont have it snapped in place tight enough.

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