Can I Put Picato Gel On My Finger

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  Posted by Anonymous - Can I Put Picato Gel On My Finger :
For rubbing it on the skin surface is picato gel on the finger safe?  is it better to put a plastic glove on so its not touching all other skin surface?

Anonymous Says:
The instructions what I read say you can use your finger but I would just use q tip unless you think you can put it on better with your finger and wash the gel off when done

Anonymous Says:
It also says the gel only attacks cancerous cells like the AK stuff so thats probably why they say just use your finger

Anonymous Says:
with picato I used a q tip to apply it, probably over cautious on my part but I figure safety is important and I just dont want that stuff on my skin if its not necessary, its probably safe though

Anonymous Says:
The instructions for picato say just use your finger, at least on mine it does. So I assume its safe but I apply it quickly then wipe it off finger and wash with soap and water to make sure its off fingers completely.

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