What To Do When I Have The Flu?

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  Posted by Anonymous - What To Do When I Have The Flu? :
Feeling so weak and run down, what can I do to help the flu run its course and get over with quicker?  This feels horrible.

Anonymous Says:
stay well hydrated?  even if you dont feel like drinking water?   I think thats about all you can do

Anonymous Says:
Not much you can do to make it go away, just lay down, stay warm and drink water. For me I get the chills so bad with the flu that I also take an ibuprofen, its amazing that shortly after taking the ibuprofen your chills quickly turn into "OMG its hot under these blankets"!  Its like the ibuprofen turns off that chill effect the flu gives you

Anonymous Says:
The flu is a good weight loss program LOL :-)

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