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  Posted by Anonymous - Feels Like Grit Or Sand In One Eye :
Why would one of my eyes feel so irritated it feels like there is sand or grit or something stuck in it?

I've looked in mirror, flushed it out, yet it has been feeling this way for several days now. I cant see anything in it but it feels like something is in my eye.

Anonymous Says:
Do you have light sensitivity in your eye?  For example even going outside does it feel like you are squinting alot more then normal?

Anonymous Says:
Yeah I noticed that also, its definitely brighter out but inside doesnt bother me to much.

Anonymous Says:
Schedule an appointment with an Ophthalmologist.  Dont go to optometrist, make sure its ophthalmologist eye doctor as they know alot more about this stuff. I had something just like you are saying, it wont go away and its really uncomfortable. With me my eyes were also really dry feeling, especially in the morning when I woke up.

The Ophthalmologist told me I had a form of conjuncitivis and he prescribed me tobradex. Its only by prescription so you have to go to the eye doctor and get checked out, dont mess with your eyes, schedule the appointment. Its amazing how within 1 hour of the tobradex drops the light sensitivity was gone and the rock in eye feeling was gone (but I had to use the drops for 5 days).

Anonymous Says:
By the way in case you are wondering my prescription was 5 drops on day 1 spread throughout the day with the tobradex, 4 drop day 2, 3 drops day 3, 2 then 1 etc....  Tobradex is a steroid eye drops.

Anonymous Says:
The bottom line is if you are having an eye problem where its painfull or cant blink because that rock in the eye feeling is there, you better get to an eye doctor. Dont mess around with the eyes.

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