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  Posted by Anonymous - Dish Hopper - Resume Playing Sports Where Left Off :
When using dish hopper dvr, if sports or show is currently playing and I go watch something else after watching the sports for a while, when I go back to sports I want it to just resume and pick up where I left off.  Can you do this?

Anonymous Says:
If its over with then on mine I can resume, when its still active then no you can't.

This is really stupid by dish, because everyone watches 2 sporting events at same time and jumps back and forth as they catch up, and you want it to pickup where you left off.  Direct TV DVR does this no problem.

Anonymous Says:
Another thing they should add is a remote that has skip ahead 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute ... 4 different buttons.  Different sports require different types to jump ahead to, and there should be a button for each to quickly do this!

Anonymous Says:
Dish network finally did a software patch to update this because I can now click resume, that option now appears. Still not as good as direct tv does where the recall jumps back and forth on recorded shows and resumes automatically, but at least you can pickup where you left off even if the show is currently recording.

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