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  Posted by Anonymous - Decrease My Coffee Drinking - My Solution :
I'm posting this as it may help others, as this is how I scaled back and greatly decreased the amount of coffee I was drinking daily. I still drink coffee because I like it, it's just that now I drink much less, no more then 2-3 cups a day (which most sites recommend as being fine to do so). Its quite easy to cut back on the amount of coffee you drink, you just have to follow a pattern as I will show you exactly what I did.

I previously was drinking coffee in mornings and afternoons, probably somewhere around 6-8 cups a day. Its just not good to drink that much coffee / caffeine, and I dont even miss it at all today after scaling back how much I was drinking. Keep in mind you can keep drinking your coffee when this is all done, its just that you wont crave it anymore all day long and will be permanetly on much less going forward. Here is what I did:

This process must be done over the course of a month or two, do NOT just stop cold turkey. You don't have to do that. That wont work, you will feel tired and off and will crave the coffee and caffeine.  You must know exactly how many cups you drink daily, so you stay at that level and not ever over it and then you begin to slowly scale back.

1) First off if you are drinking soda at lunch everyday, start drinking caffeine free soda only. This is the start, and should be easy to do as you will still be having your coffee in the afternoons. Continue this permanently as its an easy switch to make, so the first few days just do this and keep drinking your same cups of coffee.

2) If you drink caffeine at home (not coffee, but soda at night etc when you get home from work), switch to caffeine free soda. No caffeine at home. If you feel tired at home at night, thats good anyways as you will start sleeping much better.  So at this point all soda is caffeine free at home or lunches, but coffee remains the same.

3) After a week of cutting out the caffeine in soda, now when you make your coffee in the morning with your scooper, start making 25% of it caffeine free coffee.  Just 25% but trying to be accurate when scooping grounds.  If you are filling coffee at work, start pouring 25% caffeine free. Do this for a week, drinking the same number of cups that you always have.  As stated earlier, you need to know the number of cups so you are on a set amount.

4) Now another week or two later.  Stick with the 25% caffeine free as you have been, but at end of day to not have the final cup.  This will feel pretty easy to do now that the scaling back has begun and we are several weeks into it.

5) At this point, go by how you feel, everyone is different.  You can either scale back another cup each day and keep doing so until you are down to 16-24 ounces a day, or if you already feel like you dont need as much (like I did), I just went back to regular coffee (no caffeine free because it tastes better) and was only drinking 3 cups a day.  At this point I didnt really even crave it anymore like I used to, and sometimes I dont even finish the 3rd cup.  Dont ever go back over 3 cups once you get down to this level, and never drink caffeine soda at lunch or at home at night.

This method really worked easiliy for me, so hopefully it will help others also if you are addicted to coffee daily and need to cut back on how much you are drinking.

sam Says:
Everything in moderation is always a good plan no matter what you eat or drink

Anonymous Says:
The more I read about coffee though the more it seems that coffee also has alot of health benefits. I'm not sure its as bad for you as people say, to much of anything is probably bad but coffee does have health benefits with it also

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