What Happens If Sports Betting Points Is Tied?

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  Posted by Anonymous - What Happens If Sports Betting Points Is Tied? :
When betting on sports in vegas and giving -4 points, what happens if final score ends up exactly even (so if I won by 4 points exactly and it ends up tied).  Who wins the bet?

Anonymous Says:
Or would I still have to pay any overhead on the bet even if I get my money back or would I get all my money back?

John Says:
No, in this case you get ALL your money back from your bet, this is called a "push" bet.  If you bet $20 then you get $20 back.  I assume you mean football bet, but it really doesn't matter, it works the same no matter which sport you bet on.

Often you see point spreads that -3.5 or similiar, so these types of bets there is always a winner, as you cant get a push bet in those scenarios.

Anonymous Says:
What if a game goes into overtime? Wouldnt I win the bet if I'm getting +4 points in that case since score it ended tied?

John Says:
Nope :-)   All bets are final score results only.  If it goes to overtime, and you are getting +4, then you hope the other team kicks a field goal to win it because then you still cover your bet :-)

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