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  Posted by Anonymous - Freeze Your Credit :
What is the easiest way to put a hold on my credit reports or freeze my credit so that identity theft cannot happen easily?  

Anonymous Says:
Innovis is much smaller then the other 3, but you should freeze all 4.  The easiest is just to call each of them and they will walk you through the steps.

Equifax 1-800-349-9960
Experian 1‑888‑397‑3742
TransUnion 1-888-909-8872
Innovis 1-800-540-2505

Anonymous Says:
With equifax you can freeze your credit for free for a limited time here:

I just did that but I still have to freeze through the others also.  Looks like it costs $10 each which is probably well worth it to protect yourself (but equifax is free for now if you do it before to long)

Anonymous Says:
How many different credit places are there? ???  Now I just found this below online:

The problem? Some companies that provide cable, electricity, gas, water and phone services aren't going to be looking at your Equifax, TransUnion or Experian credit files.

Instead, they're turning to a credit reporting database called the National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange. Most of us have never heard of this outfit. The company is run by Equifax, but is a separate organization from the Equifax credit bureau itself.

But Kerskie, who works with ID theft victims, said she saw an increase in problems with phony cell phone accounts among people who had already put credit freezes on their files with the major credit bureaus.

Her suggestion: Make sure you check out that report, too. Call 866-349-5185 for the exchange service to request a free copy of the telecom report. To initiate a security freeze on your the telecom and utilities exchange data report, call 866-349-5355

Anonymous Says:
I just read this as below:

Credit freezes and unfreezes with the three major credit bureaus will be free for everyone starting Sept. 21 2018.

Fraud alerts have alwasy been free also and will be extended from 90 days to a year.

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