Which Way To Unscrew When Removing Trap Under Sink

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  Posted by Anonymous - Which Way To Unscrew When Removing Trap Under Sink :
I'm trying to remove the bolts on that U shaped trap under my sink and it isnt coming off. Normally clockwise tightens bolts but under the sink at that angle does that mean the screws turn the other way on that pipe to loosen them?

Anonymous Says:
Nope :-)

Even under the sink the rules of righty tighty and lefty loosy still applies to the sink trap.  :-)

Just assume you are facing it, so figure out which is the top and assume you are facing it, and turning right tightens it.  On my sink I just checked it, and on the front of the U and back of the U shaped pipe, both bolts are facing down, so either one of them facing from the top would turn "left" to loosen it.

Dont forget to put a bucket or pan under it so you dont get water all over your floor, the trap will be full of water when you remove it :-)

Anonymous Says:
You normally dont have to turn the bolts very hard to loosen them on a sink trap, unless you have a really old house I guess. Mine turn pretty easily for about a 20 year old home, and thats the first time I ever took the trap off the pipe.

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