Iphone Podcast - How Do I Fast Forward A Podcast?

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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Podcast - How Do I Fast Forward A Podcast? :
There has to be a way to fast forward a podcast when I have it playing on the iphone, but for some reason I cant find it. Ibooks has all kinds of fast forward and 15 second backup and play again type functionality, where is the similiar type functions on audio podcasts????

Guest Says:
You dont see the options?  Its exactly like you said, just like ibooks where you can bump forward or backward while the podcast is playing.  The buttons are there.

Guest Says:
Where??? I dont see them.  I'm in the podcast app by the way.

Guest Says:
Ahhh you probably are on that screen that shows the little play arrow in the bottom left?  Meaning it shows the play and pause in the bottom left but has the podcast toolbar across the bottom.  Tap the actual area at the bottom, right above that toolbar where it lists your podcast name.  Meaning not the arrow on the left, but the area just to the right of that.

That then opens up your podcast while playing and you see all the options to fast forward or backup :)

Guest Says:
Thats it!  THanks I knew I had to be missing something.

Guest Says:

Guest Says:
They should make that fast forward and backup options easier to find on this podcast app, thats what people use all the time, no reason to make it not always showing by default.

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