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  Posted by Guest - Check How Much Storage Is Left On Mac :
Can you tell me how I can check how much disk space I have remaining or open on a Mac mini?  I need to know this because installed the latest Mac OS doesn't seem to be working and apparently you need 8 gig of space open to do the upgrade to the latest mac os?

Guest Says:
Disk space remaining is really easy to check on Mac. Go to your desktop, then go to your Apple icon in upper left. Then click "about this mac".

A small window will open, and you see tabs across the top of that window. It will show you how many gigs used and how many gigs free, along with total size of hard drive and the breakdown of space used for many different things.

Guest Says:
Awesome, thanks, thats what I needed

Guest Says:
Also on installing the latest Mac OS, space should never be a problem with the size of hard drives today, even a Mac Mini probably has a 500 gig hard drive which is way bigger then most people would ever need.

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