Difference Between Aol Free And Aol Paid?

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  Posted by Guest - Difference Between Aol Free And Aol Paid? :
What is the difference between the aol free and paid services? I'm seeing ads popup all the time in my email for the paid services.

Guest Says:

The main thing is you get rid of advertisements, which some people like to get rid of I guess.  I just looked up the aol help section and it says that its only for viewing email on the web when on your computer, so in other words that means when you go to your browser and view http://mail.aol.com etc.  The fact they said that means the aol paid service is not for aol email on mobile phone or aol email with the desktop software download.

I find that odd, why would the paid service not include everything for that same email id, wierd

Guest Says:
by the way I just read through it and it says you still see aol promotions, just no paid ads anymore

Guest Says:
Only applies to 1 user id. So if you have multiple user ids, then paid aol is only active for 1 of those ids.

I keep some garbage aol emails for online ordering and messageboards and that type of sign up stuff, because those get spammed and I only use that id for confirming orders and stuff like that.  Then I have 1 main aol id for my personal email which I never use for online ordering and things like that, it keeps the spam minimal.

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