Cant Paste Screenshots In Aol Email

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  Posted by Guest - Cant Paste Screenshots In Aol Email :
Whenever I paste a photo into my aol email, the receiver never gets it.  Is this an aol email problem?

Guest Says:
Are you using the aol webmail like ?  Or do you mean you are using the installed aol desktop software or aol email on iphone or phone?

Guest Says:
hi, I'm just using the aol webmail as you listed above

Guest Says:
My guess is the receiver has some email that doesn't support it.  I send photos all the time by pasting in aol email, meaning I just CTRL-V to paste a screen shot and the receivers always get it.  You can just email it to yourself and you will see you should be able to view it no problem

Guest Says:
I do screen capture all the time and just paste the images into my aol webmail. Meaning pasting it into the email and NOT attaching it as a JPEG image or antyhing like that.

Whenever I'm emailing these to people that have aol email or yahoo email, they see the images just fine when they open the email. Whenever the receiver is on gmail, gmail users cannot receive the images.

If the images are attached to the email and not pasted into the email, then everyone gets them just fine (but yeah I prefer just pasting into it).

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