Should I Put Picato Gel On Top Of Scab?

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  Posted by Guest - Should I Put Picato Gel On Top Of Scab? :
I saw your other page here on people using picato gel, and I am using the picato gel on an AK on my face. I am susposed to use it 3 straight days, however after day 1 its crusted and scabbed over, and I put the picato on top of the scab.  I doubt if this is doing any good since its not even on the skin??

The picato site doesn't say what to do in this case, it just says use 3 straight days.

Guest Says:

I can tell you what I did, I wrote the initial page that you are talking about and I had the same issue you have with it scabbed over and wondering if the gel does any good sitting on top of that.  It says on the directions that after 6 hours you can wipe the area or shower, so I took a shower that next morning, and alot of that crusting gets wet and falls off.  I wouldn't rub it hard or anything like that because mine at least was a little sore, but just getting it wet made alot of that come off and I used a napkin to wipe it very lightly.

Then when I put that picato gel on in day 2 and day 3 there wasnt much of a scab there anymore.  It was kind of dry like but the big crusted area was gone so mine was basically on the skin again.  I did that because just like you I dont think it would have worked putting it on top of a scab.

Guest Says:
How long did it take after day 3 for your scabs and redness to go away?

Guest Says:
Mine went away pretty quickly, like I said the crusting falls off quickly in the next day and alot of the redness quickly disappeared within 2 days of being done.  This was on the face, which I know is a smaller dose then those using it elsewhere on the skin, so I cant speak for others or other areas outside the face, I'm guessing the stronger dose would make it more red but then again who cares if its not on your face anyways.

Guest Says:
I was wondering if I should wash it off or shower it off.  It does say 6 hours later you can take a shower after applying that picato.

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