Steering Wheel Shakes Violently At 60 Mph

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  Posted by Guest - Steering Wheel Shakes Violently At 60 Mph :
Why would my steering wheel shake and vibrate alot once I hit fast speeds?   For example under 50 mph my steering wheel is fine, but once I get to 60 or 70 mph it really shakes rapidly.

Guest Says:
Have you rotated your tires recently or had your tires balanced?

Guest Says:
Yes I bought 2 new tires but didnt have any tire rotating done. I dont remember the steering wheel ever shaking like that back before I had the new tires put on

Guest Says:
Thats the problem, the new tires are balanced but the machines aren't always perfect. Call them back and let them know what is going on and they should correct it for free, they have to balance those tires again.  

A sure sign of steering wheel shaking at high speeds is the tires not being balanced properly!

Guest Says:
there could be others things that cause the steering wheel to shake but if you just had the tires done then thats most likely the issue

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