Simple But Best Turkey Gravy Recipe

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  Posted by Guest - Simple But Best Turkey Gravy Recipe :
This it the turkey gravy I always make, and its really simple but maybe the best part about cooking a turkey.  This gravy is great and makes alot of it.

1) I assume you baked a turkey so you have a pan full of turkey juice. Drain the pain into a metal pot. A bigger metal pot is better to make this easier, be very carefull not to burn yourself and make sure you drain all the juice from the baked turkey!

2) Now you have your turkey stock.  I assume when you baked your turkey you had added salt, pepper, sage, oregano or italian spice, and probably put a bunch of veggies like carrots, potatos or sweet potatos in the pot.  Hopefully you did this, because that all mashes down and leaks into the turkey stock!

3) Now cool your turkey stock as we prepare to make gravy.  I found the easiest way is to set the hot pan into a sink with a few inches of water. Add a few trays of ice into the water, this cools it quickly.  You cant just stick it in the fridge, that to hot so cool it this way first, then after 30 minutes or however long to cool put in fridge.

4) After 30 minutes in fridge it will have a hard layer of fat on top.  You will easily see the white top, scrape this off and pitch outside, make sure to only remove the white fatty layer as this is to be healthy and get the saturated fat off your turkey stock / gravy :)   I would always pitch this outside on the rocks or dirt somewher, its biodegradable so dont worry about that :)  Dont pitch this in sink as this clogs drains, but outside it will degrade or bugs will feast and it will be gone :)

5) Now you have great turkey stock with alot of saturated fat removed! Add about the same amount of water as stock, and also add in a couple cups of low fat milk along with it. Heat on stove, bring to a boil.

6) Feel free to add more pepper or oregano, maybe some ginger or italian spice.

7) As it is boiling, sprinklie in flour and stir to make it thicker.  If its a large turkey (lets say 16 to 20 pounds) and I saved all the turkey juice, then I am probably adding 3 or 4 big handfulls of flour as I stir.  You want to see the gravy getting thicker.  You can also take a small break and taste.  You can add more water to get more gravy based on taste and based on spices.  My feeling is its better to add more flour rather then less, because I like thicker gravy.  I also use whole wheat flour just to be healthier, might as well as you wont be able to tell any difference.

8) Finally its done. Turn off stove and move pan off heat, let it cool and now it will quickly thicken.  You have alot of turkey gravy now for the week, and its fairly healthy turkey gravy! :)

Guest Says:
Also, some people like to cook and chop up the gibblets or hard boiled eggs, and stir them into the gravy.  This is also great if you want to do this, but I think the turkey gravy is great just as specified above.

Guest Says:
If you dont eat the turkey liver, turkey neck, heart and gizzard, dont waste them.  I bake all them along side the turkey in the turkey pan so they dont need to be cooked later. Chop them up into the gravy if you dont eat them, so this is a good use for them.

Guest Says:
I like to add alot of pepper and "red pepper" in the turkey gravy as I like the gravy to have some bite to it :) The gravy should be spicy hot when you eat it.

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