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  Posted by Guestjudi - I-tunes :
I received an I-Tunes as a gift several years ago and put it away.  Just learned how to use it.  I put songs on it and tried to charge it. Play for 10 min. or so and then stops.  I put it on charge and all it does is blink orange and when I take it out to listen I get nothing.  I charged it for 5 hours.  Did the right thing when unplugging it.  What does "Make sure I tunes open me?  Saw it when I found this sight?   Help, I don't want to lose songs I have on it now.

Guest Says:
If its an ipod shuffle then when the battery gets low check the light on the bottom, for example if you flip it off and back on, the light will be red when battery is really low or orange when battery is getting low, otherwise the light is green. Check that as that will tell you if your ipod shuffle is really losing batter or not.  After charging that light should be green when you first turn it on and not orange or red at that time.

Also if you are worried about losing songs, just connect to your computer and open itunes and click backup, that way you know you wont lose songs, you should always have a backup of iphone, ipod, etc, its just good have and a good habit to get into.

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