Intel Vs Amd - Which New Computer Should I Buy?

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  Posted by Guest - Intel Vs Amd - Which New Computer Should I Buy? :
I'm comparing new computers and one is Intel, the other is AMD and it looks like one is cheaper because its an AMD processor. Is it alot slower?  Which computer should I buy?

Moderator Says:
Here is a good comparison on the differences to compare whether AMD, Intel, Celeron, etc.  

1) RAM - Cheapest way to increase performance. Yes I would pay up for this, well worth it imo.

2) Processor Speed - It matters if one is twice as much as the other, it will list the speed so I would always check this.  If they are close it may not matter much, #1 and #4 matter much more to me.

3) Hard drive size - Probably doesnt matter today, hard drives are HUGE and I typically dont even use 25% of my hard drive space. Not worth paying up for larger unless you are doing something unusual to consume tons of hard drive space.  
Although keep in mind solid state drives are advanced drives, faster and more stable, so you will see higher cost on those, and those are worth the upgrade imo but also are smaller in size so you need to weigh the costs vs your use etc.

3) Cache memory / bus speed - Yes this matters. If one is twice the size of the other, you probably are paying more for it but this improves speed. I usually would pay up for this.

4) Video memory - This matters alot if PC is used for gaming. Integrated graphics is worse, you will pay up for better graphics cards but well worth it if gaming. If not gaming then it wont matter much for viewing videos, youtube, that type of stuff .... but I would compare these vs price.

5) Miscellaneous stuff like software, usb ports, hdmi output, card readers, etc is really up to you. These just depend what you have or plan on using it for etc.

If laptop instead of desktop computer:

Screen size - This matters alot, for example 17 inch vs 15 inch, so you may want to pay more for 1 vs the other, thats up to you.

Battery Power - This may matter if you travel alot so its worth comparing, otherwise if you just leave it plugged in all the time then battery wont matter.

Moderator Says:

By the way if I consolidate all that above :) I would just tell you that you will pay up for the processor / cache  and video card, those are the biggest costs, so upgrading those means more expensive computer so it depends what you need. Obviously bigger screen if choosing laptop will cost more but you also may like it much more.

I would always go for increased RAM because that doesnt cost much extra and the benefit is great especially into the future when installing new OS's etc.

I normally remove all software not being used, and I can buy software if needed so I typically dont look at that much on new computers as I buy my own separately for whatever I want.

Guest Says:
If deciding on buying a new PC today (I'm trying this in 2018), I would just keep it simple.  When you compare the computer costs just look at:

Memory : This is also called RAM memory. Don't go lower then 8. You probably will never use 8 anyways, mine typically uses around 5.

Hard drive : All are big today so dont be concerned about size. SSD means solid state, yes thats better but also alot more expensive so do you really want to pay up for it? Most will never need that unless you are a serious gamer or software developer.

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