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  Posted by Guest - Urgent Firefox Patch Update Notitification :
I keep getting windows saying "Urgent Firefox Patch".  There is also a .js javascript popup window.  Are these legitimate notifications or these fake notifications?  I'm using firefox browser obviously

Moderator Says:
Do NOT click to save that javascript and do NOT download from that firefox urgent patch site, those are FAKE. You can just hit the escape button on the keyboard when you get the javascript popup, that way you dont ever risk clicking anything fake and that will close the popup.

Firefox never sends out a patch of any type like this, and if you have an outdated firefox browser and want to update just go the very top and click help - about firefox.  Then click check for updates. Your browser is probably outdated and those popups you see are security holes. Do not make the mistake of clicking any of that as it will be a virus, malware, spyware, whatever nasty you want to call it :)

Guest Says:
I got this and it showed firefox-patch.exe.  I looked up the URL and its from CZ (czechoslovakia?).  I'm amazed it wasn't china or russia, those garbage countries are always doing crap like that.

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