Georgia Sign - Speed Checked By Detection Devices

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  Posted by Guest - Georgia Sign - Speed Checked By Detection Devices :
When driving on the interstate in Georgia I see signs that say "speed checked by detection devices".
What exactly does this mean?  I'm wondering if I'm going to get a speeding ticket after driving through that state and how many mph over the speed limit to I have to be speeding in order to get a ticket mailed to me.

Guest Says:
I've comfortably driven through the entire state of Georgia, from Florida border up through Atlanta, so the entire state at around 77mph.  I never got a ticket but I wondered about those speeding cameras also  lol :^)

Actually there is so much traffic up in the norther part of GA that you cant really stop anyways, cant use cruise control because you are always breaking and speeding up with cars everywhere.

Guest Says:
I meant to say cant really speed anyways, thats a typo

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