Do Police Use Aircraft To Check Speed Limit?

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  Posted by Guest - Do Police Use Aircraft To Check Speed Limit? :
Is it true that police use airplanes to track speeders and write them speeding tickets? It seems like it would be expensive to have an airplane doing this.

Guest Says:
Yes they do, I've gotten a speeding ticket from this scenario.  lol   By the way, don't think you can look up and see the plane either, its WAY up there and very difficult to even spot, its not like they are right above you.

Guest Says:
How do they verify you are speeding?

Guest Says:
They are looking through devices to zoom in, and then time you on those white spots on the road.  If you are to fast point to point, the average becomes your speed, and the ticket you receive.  Cops wait far ahead at cutoff points and they radio ahead and they wave you to pull over.

Its expensive I'm sure to have a plane up there, but usually they are writing many tickets in this case as there must have been 6 police cars waiting and 2 motorcycles waiting in case someone didnt stop when they waved you over.

Adea Says:
You will see those white dots in the road as speeding markers in places like Iowa, Illinois, etc

Guest Says:
In California, there are about 8 inch wide white markers every 1 mile on the right shoulder of the Freeway. The planes they fly are fixed wing planes that travel in figure eight pattern so they can see the car as well as the markers.  The pilot of his co-pilot time your interval between the white markers.  If you drive between each marker within one minute, you are going at 60 miles per hour. if you drive between the markers in 30 seconds, you are going at 120 miles per hour.  Cops ahead are radioed, to stop you and present you with a "gift" ....

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