Skype Keeps Pausing When Chatting

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  Posted by Guest - Skype Keeps Pausing When Chatting :
I'm using skype to chat only, and it continues to pause and stop randomly during the chat.  For example it might be every 3 minutes it just clocks for 20 seconds and I cant type until it stops clocking.  Why does skype pause like this?  Its incredibly annoying and makes me want to uninstall that junk

Guest Says:

I had the same problem, except my skype was freezing up even more then what you said and I found something on the net that worked for me.

Here is what I did and it definitely fixed by scenario, I was on windows 10 but it may not matter:

1) Go into control panel
2) Go to network and internet, then internet options
3) Then click the security tab, and then the restricted sites icon.
4) Click the sites button
5) Then put in and add to the list.
6) Close and reopen skype when done

Guest Says:
This worked for me, my skype quit freezing once this was done so its probably for loading ads from the site, but this will stop that and the freezing!

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