File Names All Say .zepto On The End

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  Posted by Guest - File Names All Say .zepto On The End :
Is there a way to get around this? I think its a virus, all my files now show .zepto on the file names and I cant open or view any files on my computer.

Guest Says:
zepto is just another one of those ransomware programs, I would never pay them, they will want you to pay to get all those file decrypted (and they may or may not do it after you pay for it, but either way I would never pay the ransom). Just take the lumps and learn to do backups.  Its very easy today to just copy all critical stuff to a thumb drive so it stays separate from your computer, if you do get ransomware like zepto and your files are now encrypted, who cares?  Just wipe your computer and start over and copy all your thumb drive files back to the computer.  

They are praying on those who failed to do backups and are being careless by clicking email attachments along with it.

Guest Says:
These are people in places like china, russia, nigeria, etc. so there is zero chance of them getting caught so these garbage countries don't do anything about it.

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