Does Drinking Alcohol Alot Make Throat Sore

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  Posted by Guest - Does Drinking Alcohol Alot Make Throat Sore :
My throat has felt sore for a while, went to the doctor and they thought it was post nasal drip, gave me a prescription and my throat still is sore.  I dont think its post nasal drip because my sinuses feel fine?

It feels raw like there is a sore spot.  The only thing I can think of is having a beer every night might have the alcohol making the throat raw?  Its very strange.

Guest Says:
I had a similiar issue and finally figured out it was because I gargled water every morning!!  Not sure why I was doing that but it was just a habit. I thought it might have been that also just like you said. I think what was happening is the lining that protects the throat was getting washed away continuously and my throat was really sore!  Be aware, I could tell once I stopped for 3 or 4 days that it was clearly getting better and finally was 100% again.

Guest Says:
By the way I figured that out on my own just guessing!

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