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  Posted by Guest - Betting On +3000 :
If i bet 5 dollars on a +3000, how much would i win?

Guest Says:
That means that a $100 bet would win $3000 dollars.  So thats 30 to 1 odds payout on your money.  

That means if you are betting only $5, its still 30 to 1 payment, so $5 would win 30 to 1 and that would $150 dollars.

That must be a really big underdog you are betting on ;-)

Guest Says:
You see these types of betting in las vegas all the time, anytime you see +3000, +1000, etc, that means you are betting on the underdog because you are getting alot better odds so its paying out alot more to you.

Guest Says:
Betting is fun even if its only $10, because it makes games fun to watch and someone to cheer for.  Dont get carried away though, overall its hard to win because long term you end up around 50-50 and pay some gravy on every win.

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