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  Posted by Guest - Wipe Iphone Data Before Selling It :
What is the best way to wipe the data off my iphone before selling it?   I want to make sure all my passwords are gone and make sure no credit card information or details about myself are left on the iphone to be recovered. Pictures, videos, all that stuff.

Can any of this be recovered off an iphone hard drive?  I have a lot of stuff on it.

Guest Says:
I've sold my last 3 iphones on craigslist after I've upgraded to buy the new iphone.  Here's the steps I have always taken

Guest Says:
First I assume you have backed up your iphone and or have already upgraded and have your new one.  I know they say you can go to the erase all content and settings but I like to first delete some stuff before doing that just to make sure.  

I uninstall all social media apps like facebook and twitter. I also uninstall any app like banking or brokerage apps. I then go into e-mail and make sure the account is removed and I also go into apple pay and make sure that's removed.  I then log out of icloud on the iphone to.  

Then I just finally going to settings - reset - erase all content and settings. This wipes the iphone back to its original state.  You will know you are done when it's asking for an icloud password to set up the iphone as new.  This is officially ready to be sold to someone else so they can set up their own icloud on it now an d all your stuff is removed from it.  

I know this is probably overkill but it only takes a couple minutes and it's nice to know that everything is cleared.  


Guest Says:
Just setup  your new iphone first, copy everything from old to new and have your carrier switch over to the new phone.  At that point I would just make sure you carrier hasnít locked the old phone if it was on contract, they will unlock if you ask them, this will help you sell it by saying its not locked to a carrier.  Then just use the erase all content and settings, that will also clear the icloud lock off it because it will ask your to enter your icloud password to wipe it.  Thats all you need to do

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