How Do I Clean My Iphone?

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  Posted by Guest - How Do I Clean My Iphone? :
What is the best way to clean my iphone screen?  Is it OK to use a cleaner on the glass?

Guest Says:
Personally I clean mine with just the day of paper towels to get the smudges off the screen.   Sometimes I use coffee on the paper towel as long as it's just black coffee and not  milk or anything like that. It seems to work well getting rid of smudges.  Maybe it's the acidic in the coffee.

I personally would never use the type of cleaner.

Guest Says:
I used to do the same method on my Ipad screen and that worked well also.
I'm afraid to use any type of cleaner because the iphone screen and ipad screens are so sensitive to touch. I figure this method works well so why change it or risk it

Guest Says:
Just dont eat french fries first and the screen wont get greasy :-)

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