What Happens If I Refund App On Iphone?

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  Posted by Guest - What Happens If I Refund App On Iphone? :
What is there to stop me from refunding an app I purchased on the iphone?  I already have it so its not like it's going to stop working or block me from using the app.

Guest Says:
There is nothing to stop you from getting a refund, other then its not worth the hassle when its only a couple bucks to buy an app.  If you were paying $20 or $30 then it makes sense but really it's not worth your time as your time is worth more then the hassle when its only a couple bucks.  Plus any updates on the app you suddenly wont get, so just because you have it on your phone doesn't mean the updates actually are still received, it would make you buy it again and I think you are then blocked from being able to buy it.

Jim Says:
if you request to many refunds, they will block you from being able to buy any more apps.  This has happened to a few people because they abused the system and tried to request refunds.  Its probably find if you want to request a refund but abusing it may get your blocked.

Guest Says:
Seriously, who refunds an app that costs only a few bucks?  Your time is worth something, and its just not worth your time or hassle.

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