Iphone Wont Recognize My Wifi Password

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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Wont Recognize My Wifi Password :
My iphone wont recognize my wifi router password, even though I know for sure it is correct.  I can connect my Mac to the wifi router without any problem.

I entered the password on my iphone at least 5 times, double checking the typing every time.  I had to reenter the password because I did that stupid carrier update and now it made me put the password in again and now it wont recognize it.  It keeps saying its invalid.

Guest Says:

Here is something I did on my iphone that worked connecting to wifi. I had about the exact same issue you had, my Mac connects fine, my iphone keeps acting like its the wrong password when its not.  When I selected my wifi router, I chose "WEP" even though I know its NOT, on my Mac I chose WPA2 for the wifi router connection and it works fine.  I couldn't believe it actually connected with the iphone when I did that.  

Maybe its just the cheap chinese wifi router I have?  I dont really know.  My DSL router is brand Zoom   Had I known this was a chinese company I would have never bought the crap, next time I'll pay more attention that that, I dont want anything to do with a china company even more so with security.

Give it a try and see if that works for you.

Guest Says:
Be aware that if you recently changed your wifi router or any wifi settings in the router, go into your iphone and tap the small i with the circle around it on the right, and choose "forget" so that it resets this. Then you enter your password again.  Thats only if you made changes though.

Guest Says:
On mine this is twice now where it kept saying "dismiss" because the password wasnt recognized, but later when I went back and turned on wifi, then chose the same wifi name, it connected!  This is twice, its almost like it takes a while to sync up then connects and I didnt have to even re-enter the password (which keep in mind it said was incorrect earlier).

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