Itunes Message Says Please Contact Support?

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  Posted by Guest - Itunes Message Says Please Contact Support? :
Why does itunes tell me "please contact itunes support to complete this transaction"?  
I can only get free apps because of this. I tried another credit card, but the same itunes message still comes up.

Guest Says:
Make sure you are choosing your own country for the options. If you are in another country dont choose "US" for example, you can't do that. That makes it look fraudulent, it knows your IP so you can't just choose other countries.

MM Says:
Make sure the message is not some type of scam phishing attempt

Guest Says:
Just wait 30 minutes and try again.  I had this happen in itunes in the past and it eventually just went away. Apple may just be upgrading to making changes to something within itunes.

Guest Says:
That worked, it was just a temporary problem with ituens. Thank you

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