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  Posted by Guest - Cant Get My E-mail :
I have been using the same password for years to retrieve my e-mail from mail2web. All of a sudden I cant Why

Guest Says:
It could be one of 2 reasons if you cant get into your email.

1) You are entering your email password with the caps lock key on.  Many think they are typing their password wrong but if caps lock key is accidently been hit, then your password isn't the same caps vs non caps.  

2) Your email service may just be temporarily having problems. I use webmail from yahoo and webmail from aol and I've seen both of these in the past have a problem where my password didn't work.  Its rare and usually 30 minutes later everything is fine, just some temporary problem.

Make sure your user name is correctly typed also.  Many are so focused on the password they overlook the user name they entered.

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