For Removing Warts, How Big Should Duct Tape Be?

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  Posted by Guest - For Removing Warts, How Big Should Duct Tape Be? :
I'm going to try using the duct tape method to get rid of some warts. How big of a piece of duct tape should I use for this?

Guest Says:
I can tell you what I did, I used duct tape to get rid of 2 warts and I can tell you it works.  Just stick with it. Here are the steps I did:

1) Buy a roll of duct tape, I got the white duct tape because its looks more normal then the silvery colored duct tape :)  

2) I then used a combination of wart remover liquid covered afterwards with the tape. I bought compound W wart remover liquid. It doesn't matter which you get, everyone sells this stuff and they all contain salicylic acid which just causes the skin to peel at the top and irritates the skin and wart.

3) I put the liquid on just the wart (dab it on, that acid stuff really stinks, so dont inhale).    

4) For the me the size of duct tape I used was roughly 3 or 4 times the size or the wart. So I cut a square piece of duct tape and tightly pressed it on the wart. The duct tape stays on really well and holds.  I was surprised how fast it went away and it never returned.  It eventually had a small scab under there from using the compound W and you could tell it felt really irritated with the tape over it, which I was glad becuase that made me think this was really working :)

Guest Says:
If you have hair there like on your hand or wrist, I would trim the hair off where the tape will be, that will help the duct tape seal better.

They say the duct tape really irritates it to the point your body tries eliminating that tape section and attacking the area. I'm not sure if its just cutting off all air to it or just the irritation, but it works.

Guest Says:
What about if the wart is on the nose?  I dont want duct tape on the nose.

Guest Says:
If the wart is on your nose then you have to do something, whether the dermatologist freezes it off or whether you use the compound w with duct tape combination, either way it's not going away unless you do something. I would probably try using duct tape and compound w right when I get home from work then take it off when going to work.  Granted it still wont look good if the wart scabs but at least its not having duct tape on nose at work.  Or put bandaid over duct tape so it doesnt look as odd?

Guest Says:
I would cut the duct tape just big enough to cover all sides of the wart. You want to "suffocate" the wart so it needs to be covered.  I would first wash the skin area with soap to get the oily skin nice and clean, the duct tape will then stick to the wart better and seal better around it.

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