Get Rid Off Ios Update Notification On Iphone

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  Posted by Guest - Get Rid Off Ios Update Notification On Iphone :
How do I get rid of the new update ios reminder that continually pops up and ANNOYS people.  What the heck is wrong with Apple putting garbage like this on the iphone when I cant even find a way to turn it off.  How stupid.

Guest Says:
These ios updates download automatically if you have wifi on.  If you dont have wifi on, they wont download. So once it downloads it sits and waits, it doesnt have to download anything anymore, it just annoys its customers by asking if they want to install it.

Do the following to get rid of it, go into:
storage and icloud
manage storage
Find the entry for ios update, tap it then delete it.

I agree they should just give an option to NOT do this.

Guest Says:
Whats even worse if I ask Siri to go to that location, its to stupid to even take you there automatically. #Worthless.

Guest Says:
I suggest going to Apples feedback link and tell them to stop ####ing annoying its customers.  If enough people do this, it will get their attention.

Guest Says:
That reminder does only occur when wifi is on though, so it downloads it over wifi then asks if you want to install it, so it doesn't use data.

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