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  Posted by Guest - Aol Email (webmail) Not Working :
Why cant I get my aol email?  I always pull my email from the so I use the free webmail only, but everytime I go there now it just hangs.  It has been this way for weeks!

Guest Says:
Ok I tried getting email on their client aol software which I downloaded just to check it, and I see that I can now get email using their client software but the browser email doesnt work.

Guest Says:
Did you try a different browser?  Try Firefox, it doesnt hurt to have multiple browsers on your computer.  

Guest Says:
Yeah I tried Firefox and Chrome and I cant get webmail no matter what, sometimes it hangs and does nothing. Other times it shows that ugh error message.

This has been going on for weeks so its nothing new thats just temporary error or anything.

Guest Says:
One thing I noticed recently with my aol email not working is that when I click the bookmark for mail, put password, then get wierd aol error message, then click the same bookmark again, my aol email opens up normally.  lol, kind of wierd but it works.  

Referring to the browser and using their free webmail of course, but it's been this way for a few months so I dont know if its a browser issue or if it's an aol email issue where they need to fix something.

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