Mail Switches Off Each Time I Put It On

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  Posted by Guestval - Mail Switches Off Each Time I Put It On :
I went to the apple shop in Manchester today and the lady put it right  or so we thought o returning home it just switches off each time I try to get my emails or play games

Guest Says:
Do you mean you had your iphone fixed at an apple store?

Didnt you check or test it out before you left? They are really good at fixing stuff so just take it back and they will fix it free since you were just there.  Be sure to show them exactly what you are talking about, if the phone is turning off then there is definitely something wrong with it.  My iphone has never done that ever.

Guest Says:
Try to upgrade to the latest iOS and maybe that will resolve your issue.  I would also just reset the iphone as maybe you have some other problem that may fix

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