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  Posted by Guest - Listen To Music On Iphone Without Wifi :
Is there a way to get music on my iphone and then listen to it later without any wifi connection (also without any celltower connection of any time).  I just want to listen to the music without it affecting data plan or without needing access to wifi at a later time like if I'm in a long car ride.

Guest Says:
I have a bunch of older CDs that I ripped to MP3 using windows media player.  I added them to my itunes song list, then just connected to computer and loaded to iphone. You can do this with any mp3 files you have.  Then they are playing on the phone and no internet connection is needed

Guest Says:
This just means dont stream any music and you can always listen to songs without wifi connection.  Just load music onto the iphone so its played locally.  

No wifi connection is ever needed in that case.

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