What Phone Number Is 702-576-0430?

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  Posted by Guest - What Phone Number Is 702-576-0430? :
Anyone know who is calling from phone number is 702-576-0430 ?

I have gotten multiple calls from them and I dont answer any calls that are not in my contact list.  Anyone that wants to talk to me would leave a voice mail to call them back, and this 702-576-0430 number has not left any voice mail or anything but looks like its from Las Vegas Nevada which makes me think its a spammer (which almost all are if they dont leave a voice mail for me to call them. Screening calls is great :-)

Guest Says:
Thats actually a phone number from Direct TV.  Thats their call center support so most likely you had work done by them recently and they want feedback.  Yeah I would just ignore it also.

Guest Says:
I got a phone call from 702-576-0430 also.  To me thats annoying, I dont mind giving directtv feedback but just because you badgered me with phone calls there is no way Im giving any info.

Guest Says:
good to know.  just had directv here, and dont mind giving feedback, but if they cant leave a message, then forget it, no feedback.  RUDE!

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