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  Posted by Guest - Search Engine Clicks Route To Different Website :
My website show up in searches but when I click the link (from the search engine results) it tries to go to my website but instead then routes to a different website!

Can anyone tell me whats going on?  This is all my pages on my site, not just 1 page but all my sites pages.  If I type in my site link it works fine.  I scanned my machine for malware and tried safari and firefox browsers both and they both route to some unknown site.

Guest Says:
Log on to your website with FTP and look for the .htaccess file.  You will probably see some garbage in there that you need to remove because someone hacked your website and changed it to route traffic to their site instead.  

I would also notify your webhost, its always good to tell them.  They know this happens though.

Also look for some PHP sites dropped on your site, check your folders ... delete all those garbage PHP pages they put on your site also.  Change your password also just to be more safe.

Guest Says:
this can only happen if someone hacked your site. Always check these things occasionally as they are hoping you dont find it so they can steal your traffic.  If you are constantly checking it, then its a pain in the asssss for them because their work becomes worthless.

Guest Says:
Your web server can be hacked and php files can be altered.

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