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  Posted by Guest - Zeroedge Dashcam Menu Options :
Here are the default settings for the Zeroedge dashcam when you first set it up.

Video resolution is set to max:
I set mine to 1280 x 720 HD video, still good video but not nearly as much space as higher setting.

Default is on.  I turn mine off, I dont want vehicle conversations on there, thats kind of cheesy.

Loop recording time on zeroedge is 5 minutes:
You can set it to 3 minutes or 5 minutes, either is fine.

Parking monitor mode is off.

Motion detection is off.

Overall on zeroedge dashcam you dont need to setup anything really, you can just install it and its ready to go. I would turn off the audio and set the video resolution on this dashcam as I stated above.  I think those are really the key things.

Guest Says:
There are alot of good dashcams out now, prices have really come down so they are fairly cheap.  I would say get one thats easy to figure out since most all have decent video now so thats not an issue.  Make sure its easy to upload video to your mac or windows computer also.

Guest Says:
Thanks for this, I had been looking for these details.  Most of the dashcam reviews I seen online are not very good or don't actually review the dashcam stuff I'm interested in seeing.

Guest Says:
Where is the zeroedge manual?  I'm amazed anyone would sell a dashcam without a manual or at least a small 1 page writeup of basic settings, which is really the only manual anyone needs.  

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