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  Posted by Guest - Copy Video From Computer To Iphone? :
I have a video on my computer (windows pc) that I want to copy to my iphone. How do I move the video from pc to phone?

Guest Says:
Its pretty easy to do.

Just open itunes and go to the movies section. Click file - add and add your video file to the movies section in itunes.  Make sure your iphone is connected then you just sync to iphone, click the apply button showing at the bottom. You also need the checkmark on the box the videos you want to sync, so you should see a little checkbox by each video, check that video before applying as that will then copy.

Go to the movies icon on your iphone and you will see the video file there.

Guest Says:
whoops I guess its actually the video icon on the iphone

Guest Says:
Always check all boxes of videos you want copied, because this is a copy of what you want on the video section of the iphone, so if you uncheck all videos except 1, then when you sync your iphone will only have that 1 video etc

Guest Says:
I'd rather just use windows explorer to drag and drop videos back and forth but oh well

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