Can I Wear Fitbit In Shower?

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  Posted by Guest - Can I Wear Fitbit In Shower? :
I have a fitbit and I wear it on my wrist 24 hours a day. Is it ok if this gets wet?  It says its water restistant but I've read other stuff saying not to get it wet

Guest Says:
Also what about getting really sweaty working out, with the moisture damage the fitbit if I sweat alot?

Guest Says:
No you should NOT wear fitbit in the shower. Water can ruin it, absolutely.  Its water "resistant" but that doesnt mean submerge in water.

It is fine to have it get sweaty as that wont bother it, its made for that, but you should wipe it off occasionally so salt and sweat dont build up on it, and dont wear fitbit in shower or bath.

Guest Says:
fitbit is definitely not waterproof

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