What Does It Cost To Get Air Conditioner Fixed?

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  Posted by Guest - How Much Does It Cost To Get Air Conditioner Fixed? :
My A/C unit is not cooling, its running but the air feels warm blowing out.  The temperature inside just stays the same but it seems like everything is running other then no cold air is blowing out. What does it cost to get the air conditioner fixed or what is a ballpark price this would cost?

Guest Says:
How old is your current air conditioner?  That will depend because you have to weigh the cost of getting a new a/c unit or getting your a/c unit fixed.

Guest Says:
Thanks, its about 12 years old

Guest Says:
First off you probably have the old gas in it (the freon type stuff you alway here about), because this is always changing.  Chances are good you have a leak, which is common as air condition units get older.  

If its a leak and it has to be filled with the old gas, older gas is much more expensive as the government is always forcing different changes in all this stuff.  So in other words that might get you through another year depending upon the leak size. That may cost you between $300 and $450 total for the work and gas, the bulk of that cost is the gas as that old stuff is way more expensive and they cant put new gas into an older a/c unit.
It could actually be a part that is out, which would be better. Then the part could be replaced and thats cheaper since it doesnt require all the new gas to be put in, but they can easily check the pressure and tell you whether you have a gas leak or not.

Guest Says:
Also, so you have to weigh the cost of replacing parts and labor work (so total cost) vs a new a/c unit which could be anywhere from $3500 to $4500 and could vary on many things.

So lets do some math! :)
Assume $4500  that cost and assuming most a/c units go about 12 years.  That means an a/c unit costs you roughly $400 a year to own it as a home owner (just say $400, its easier).

So if you can get it fixed for $300 or $400 and it lasts another 1-2 years, then its worth it.  If it costs $1200 to fix it then with an old a/c unit maybe its not worth it, since that would require at least 3 years to get your money back and you may have to put a new one in before that anyways or something else might start going out.

See, dont think math doesnt play a part in the world, you need to use that often :)

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