Fitbit Hr Charger Connection Wont Plug In

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  Posted by Guest - Fitbit Hr Charger Connection Wont Plug In :
On my fitbit HR, the pins that connect to fitbit do not have any holes.  Did they send me the wrong charging USB chord?

Guest Says:
Can you explain this in more detail?  I just charged my fitbit and its an HR just like yours I assume, you have a USB chord that came with it, correct?

Guest Says:
Yeah but for example when I look underneath it, where it looks like the area you connect the charging chord to, there are no holes there for the 2 pins in the USB chord to plug into, its like there is 2 covers  over the pin holes.

Guest Says:
Ahhh I see what you are saying.  Thats the way it should be, just connect the chord to it and push a little harder, it clicks in place.

Note that the USB chord fits one way on it, so look at the little square plugin to make sure its pointing the right direction, push harder and it clicks in tight and you can begin charging it :)

Guest Says:
I'm surprised fitbit designed it this way, they also didnt give good instructions for this. At first I could have sworn I was breaking it, but fitbit should explain these details much better.

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