Jaw Swelling Whil Eating

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  Posted by Ron - Jaw Swelling Whil Eating :
I have the same problem, started yesterday, the ENT said the same thing, except i get a hot flash before it starts swelling.

Guest Says:
It might just be hot flash because you are eating?  Thats a guess of course that something is triggering it. Follow the ent doctors advice and drink alot of water every day, it could take a week so hopefully that works for you.

Guest Says:
Even a stone can flush out after enough days. Eating sour candy helps if you are at home, and sweet tarts or lemon drops are good :)   That and drinking water to make sure you are hydrated can help but dont hurt it.

Its actually amazing how dehydrated people are.  Keep in mind drinking coffee everyday, having a few alcoholic drinks now and then at night, drinking soda at lunch (caffeine) and not drinking much water really starts to add up to dehydration. Anytime I eat lunch I always try to drink caffeine free soda so I'm not adding caffeine all the time to my day.

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