Left Jaw Swelling While Eating

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  Posted by Anna - Left Jaw Swelling While Eating :
I have the same problen of jaw sweeling.This doesn't happen regularly but sonetimes my left jaw swells while eating. After 10-15 minutes of eatung swelling gies out. Please advice, whether i should apply the same therapy of heating pad.

Guest Says:
Do you mean you read this post?

I would say drinking the water as it says is more important then even the heating pad because if you are dehydrated (most dont even know if they are, the body doesnt always tell you when you need more water) then it wont help. Go to the otolaryngology doctor (ear nose and throat Dr.) if you need to get it checked.

This seems more common the more I read about it, I think so many people drink coffee in the morning and an alcoholic drink or two at night, which isnt necessarily a bad thing to do but people need to drink water regularly during a week to also rehydrate.

Guest Says:
If that continues then I would go see an ENT doctor just because it helps put your mind at ease.  Drink alot of water though and see if after 7 days that goes away, it could also be a stone that needs to flush out but the ENT doctor can certainly identify that.

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