Can't Retrieve My Aol Mail

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  Posted by Renee - Can't Retrieve My Aol Mail :
I keep getting an error message and the word GAH.  I've rebooted my computer, tried to enter aol from a different place, results.  Help, please.

Guest Says:
That sounds like you have a virus or something.  I've been in and out of my aol email all day yesterday and today, and I havent had one problem.

Guest Says:
Nevermind thats not a virus, I just seen this on the aol email help page:

You'll see the GAH! ERROR 2 message if there was a mailbox connection problem.

Something's interfering with the connection to your inbox. Usually this issue works itself out with just a quick pause and then another try.


Trying clearing all your cache, history and cookies and try again.

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