How To Identify Mainframe Db2 Version Running

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  Posted by Guest - How To Identify Mainframe Db2 Version Running :
what is the easiest way to identify the current db2 version installed where I work.

For example I work on a mainframe z/os and if I wanted to know we are running db2 v10 new function mode or db2 v11 etc

Guest Says:
Do you mean identify it in the program you are running programmatically or do you mean just identify it manually so you know what db2 version is on your mainframe?

Guest Says:
No, I mean just identify what version is currently installed.

Guest Says:
You can just go into the db2 commands and do a

That will show the db2 version.

Guest Says:

Guest Says:
IBM is actually getting rid fo the db2 versions going forward, they aren't going to roll out changes in that manner any longer where new db2 versions get announced and rolled out.

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